89 days in Tsuruoka

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Uploading the picture is like taking forever ...

anyway, thats not important now, because I'm only showing the pictures later when you scroll down so it could buy me some time while I think what I can write here.

Ok ... now I has always been fickle-minded about what I want to write, no theme can settle in my head. Just consulted Gabor, and he made me realised I hasn't yet introduced the few girls I got to know, to the 'world'.
Well, yes .... the few girls I got to know here; Saeka Tani, Mihou Sato, Rui, Noriko, Yuki, Victoria and Hinako Sato. 7 of them! sadly I do not possess the photo of all.

Hello! My face comes first, before the girls'

Hello! My face comes first, before the girls'

(1) Saeka Tani

- Likai(looking erm .. *cough*horny? LOL) and Saeka

Saeka, first girl I get to know here, I reckon she is different and totally cool; it was the first conversation, she mentioned "I was totally fucked up" when she was trying to describe how drunk she was the night before, I was totally "Woahhh, not bad eh" =) Saeka appears to have the traits of being strong, clever and true.

(2) Mihou Satou

-- Check Mihou-san out at Azhar's blogspot

Having a few conversation with her, I find Mihou-san a very pleasant lady.
In one of the conversation, I took the initiative to ask her a really casual question "How old are you?" Apparently gabor told me it was a very bold question I had asked. WHY? :?
HERE, I must declare that Mihou-san looks very young, like in youthful 20s and still in beauty. Well, to the answer she did not announce, 'naisho desu' she replied. ah, too bad`

(3) Rui

-- Rui's photo on Gabor's blog

Nothing much is known to me about Rui. Only the fact that she alone is stronger than me and yaomin altogether. LOL!

(4) Noriko

- Me and Noriko readied to be shot

Noriko, the kawaii young-lady-boss of a sushi bar. The sushi bar I had visited only once. I don't know much about Noriko yet, but she appears to be soft-spoken, and really cute. =)

(5) Yuki

-- I don't have Yuki's picture

It was when I was at the charity event, Yuki was there. Apparently, I did not notice her .. then Yaomin came along to announced her presence at position '3 o'clock'.
He told me Yuki resembles 'Shuzhen' and that he was really shocked when he thought he had spotted Shuzhen in Tsuruoka Japan!
Thereafter I told Gabor of Yuki and Gabor initiated the approach to her, I tagged. I did not speak to Yuki, just smiled as she couldn't understand english.

(5) Hinako Sato

- Hinako caught in action

Hinako, an adept pianist. I got to know her also from the Charity event, she was playing the piano for a performance then. On that occasion she caught the eyes of us all(Nic, Yaomin, Azhar and me). oops .. LOL
She appears to be very fine, always wearing the nice smile on her face.

(6) Victoria

- Victoria, Gabor and Nic posing

Also from the Charity event, I spoke to Victoria only at minimal. she appears to be in mid 20s and looking good!



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