89 days in Tsuruoka

Friday, February 25, 2005

Title: "take a look at my body"

Hi guys` it has been so damn long since I last wrote a fair post.
But well .. this day, now, before I go and bath and ... shit too. I think its time for me to clear my name, which I think is already stinking like some cow dung.

Futatsu Onnanoko wa Kinyoobi(Which hopefully(without my mistake) means 'The 2 girls of Friday'). I don't think I should focus on how 'un-man' I was on senshu no kinyoobi, instead lets discuss why.
The fact is, I was startled and totally unprepared for the situation... you see, it was SOOOOO off the mark, the normal mark of my normal life ... SUDDENLY, there were some kawaii onnokos, doing i-dunno-what, loitering i-dunno-why-yet and then waving, at who?me?us? Come on! It was so UN-normal that I didn't know how I should react(espacially with my limited japanese vocabulary, which I think the words I recognise are less than 10!! My fingers!!)
Oh, and I did my best you see .. from my tightly cramped brain then, squeezed out the word 'Hi'(in jap) and responded to the girls' friendly behaviour, in my friendly manner (OK and i think i sounded lil nervous then) .... and then .. what? what do you expect?? of course I cycle and go eat already! which is according to the plan.

But, of course now Im prepared... felt at waste too` LOL bwahaha


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