89 days in Tsuruoka

Friday, February 18, 2005

The Day of Sins, Sins, and More Sins.

Sin after sin was made today by Yaomin and Chin Ho. Even Yaomin admitted it himself. Let's track back and see what exactly happened just now.

(NOTE: At the time of writing, Yaomin and Chin Ho would have already blog, showing how anxious they were to prove that they had not actually sinned. This is totally not true, as a sin, IS a sin. Gabor and I can testify.)

It's Friday night. What do we do on Friday night? Cycle to Ramen for dinner, borrow DVDs from Tsutaya, and watch them until 4AM in the morning. At roughly 5PM, Gabor put us in perspective of our plan. "Do we have enough bikes?" I asked. A little count, and we were short of one. So Gabor took the liberty to rush down to the Admin counter and get a bicycle key from Wada-san, one of the people working there. At 5:40PM sharp, we went to the bicycle lot, and unlocked our bikes. Yaomin took the key borrowed from the Admin counter, but when he looked around, he couldn't find his bike. Chin Ho went to check if the bicycle was at T1 (he actually volunteered for this) and I called out Wada-san to try and rectify the situation.

He himself was quite surprised as he didn't know where the bike was. During this time, there were 2 schoolgirls (approx 15 years old) loitering near us. They were restless, and occasionally giggling. I thought to myself that this would be the time Chin Ho would relish. If I'm not mistaken, before Chin Ho came back from his recon, the 2 girls asked Wada-san if they could borrow bikes. I think they wanted to follow us. When Chin Ho came back, surprisingly, he didn't make his move on the 2 girls. We left the place anyway, Yaomin still without a bike.

We stopped by outside our hostel to check if any of the bike locks would open to the key given to us. Unfortunately, none did. Yaomin and I checked the bicycle lot 2 hostels down the road. We found one bike which looked like an office bike, and tried to unlock it. But lo behold! NO LOCK! Yaomin became excited and tried it out. Just needed a pump in the tyres. He said he'll be borrowing it for a while. Not my business.

At Ramen during our dinner, Chin Ho's man-ness was questioned. Why didn't he talk to the girls? Why didn't he asked them along for dinner? Why didn't he request for a picture? Gabor told him that they were no ordinary girls, as Tsuruoka girls are usually shy. But he thinks it's because we were foreigners that they were excited. I went, "They weren't ordinary? You mean, they are transvestites?" Chin Ho asked me what transvestite is. I told him in this case, it would mean the girls are like she-males. And Chin Ho was like, "Oh, I think they are he-males..." (There you go Oxford Dictionary! A new word to add in your next edition!)

On the way back, Yaomin dropped by the bicycle lot where he picked the unlocked bike. He quickly tried to park it back in place. I was on the other side of the lake, and I could clearly see him with his light blue jacket in the dark, acting very suspiciously around there. When he was done, he ran as if his life depended on it. Lolz...

All in all, it will and shall be known that Yaomin and Chin Ho did after all, commit sins. And the only person who came out clean from this situation is none other than...

Me. =)


  • Awww come on ChinHO!!! A little flirt won't hurt! Just use your killer smile !

    By Blogger roksteady, at 1:12 PM  

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