89 days in Tsuruoka

Friday, February 18, 2005

Happening Day

The usual day with my laptop acting as an alarm clock and woke me up. Next thing was my Outlook Express which sounded the "You got mail!". I look at Outlook Express and I saw a letter from my dad which included an attachment of a Further Reporting Order from MINDEF. Initially I thought it was a letter telling me when to report for my National Service, but after I opened the attachment and took a look inside. To my surprise, it was a letter for me to take an IT assessment test for my vocational assignment on the 14th Mar 2005! Of all things that could happen on a start of a day.

Frustration was all shown on my face, the worst thing is, it is a 3 HOURS test (written). I couldn't believe it if I will have to fly back for just a 3 HOURS test and leave half way while I am having my Internship in Tsuruoka. After cooling down and thought through, I have decided to call up CMPB and notify them that I am unable to turn up for the test.

When I called them up, they were like expecting my call. I said I was calling from Japan and that I received the letter to ask me to turn up for the test and I couldn't go for the test. The person over the other end of the phone told me to fax over necessary information and ask me to state the reason that I am having an attachment overseas. It was like he knows I am having attachment overseas and never did he question me why I could not go for the test. However, I ask to email to them the necessary information and that settles the problem over back in Singapore.

So the day went on with the uncertainty feeling whether I need to turn up for the test, because they have not reply me the email which I sent them. Then finally night came and as usual we pay a visit to the Ramen shop which we usually go to every friday. Now here comes the problem, we don't have enough bicycles. Therefore Gabor went down to the office and got a key from Wada-san.

So I took the key and went to find the office bicycle, but no bicycles' lock fit that key. The most astonishing thing is, we thought that one of Li Kai's bicycles might fit the key, and BINGO! BOTH the bicycles fit the key! Wow! Li Kai's bicycle locks are useless with the "ULTIMATE" bicycle office key, anyone in the office could take his bicycles. However, both bicycles are taken by Azhar and Chinho, so I have to find the bicycle which the office key can fit. Instead of searching for bicycles, Chin ho "searched" ( not police search, I meant he met ) 2 young girls near the bicycle parking area at the center building. They were about 15 years old and Chin ho is too shy to ask them out to join us for dinner. Hahaha.

We went to the T building area and tried on every bicycle we saw at the bicycle shed, but all of them could not fit that key. So I went on to try on other bicycles then I saw a black bicycle (Wada-san claim that the office bicycle is in black) and I wanted to try the key on but found out that there was NO LOCK! I searched thoroughly again to check if it is no lock at all and really it was a bicycle without a lock on. So hey, when you need something that badly, just "borrow" it for awhile. So I "borrowed" it to get to the ramen shop.

When I reached the ramen shop, Gabor asked me this question, "Did you lock your bicycle?" and I said "Do I need to lock?" (DUH!). So we ate, went to Tsutaya and went back to the center building.

I returned the bicycle and it was lucky that police did not came after me because the bicycle was a serialed one! What a "memorable" day in Tsuruoka! I could be arrested for not complying to a Government Order back in Singapore, "borrowed" a bicycle and could have been arrested by the Tsuruoka police for having a bicycle which is not mine.


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