89 days in Tsuruoka

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Code Red. Alert: We Have A Code Red

Close to 24 hours after remarking my disappearance, Gabor himself has left no trace of where he might be. A quick check in the toilets is in vain, he was not stuck in any of them. Let me try to recall what happened the last time I saw him alive.

Yesterday night, Shafi-san had a party in his apartment, just above Chin Ho's and Yaomin's. During the party, Yaomin and I went to Tsutaya to borrow some DVDs to watch. And we met Gabor after the party. Then we walked to the center lab, and when we were about to watch the movie, he said he was sleepy. Sleepy? Gabor SLEEPY? Someone must have spiked his drink at the party.

That was the last we saw if him. Gabor, Gabor, Gabor. If you wanna disappear, the least you could do was to leave your bicycle keys on your table. I mean, since you are nowhere in sight, why would you need your bicycle right? And with it, we can look for you around Tsuruoka. For all we know, you could be wandering on the streets like a zombie after your drink was spiked.

This is bad. Better activate Chin Ho and Yaomin, and get a search party ready. We NEED his bicycle.

Erm... I mean, we NEED Gabor.


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