89 days in Tsuruoka

Sunday, January 23, 2005

2 Weeks' Update

After 2 weeks in Japan, it's time to do a proper update on the trip from Singapore to Japan by me.

At Changi Airport, my family and friends came to send me off:

My Family

My Friends

And here is the 3 "Musketeers" (Chinho,Azhar,Me from the left) with their Liaison Officer (Ronnie, on the left)!

As we say farewell to our family members and friends, it's time to go into the airport thru the customs. This is inside the airport:

While on the plane, most of the air stewardess are Japanese, because we took All Nippon Airways(ANA). I still think SIA services are better compared to ANA.

When we reached Narita Airport, we took a Limosine Bus to Haneda Airport to catch our domestic flight. This is some snapshots of Haneda Airport:

When we reached Shonai Airport, Akiko-san was there to pick us up and we went to our Guest-House to put our lugguages, thereafter we went to our office. Here is how my office and surroundings look like:

Ronnie went to meet up with the key person for our Internship Program in Tokyo on that week's Friday, and we were left in Tsuruoka for another 11 more weeks. On that very week Saturday, Li Kai a friend of Dr Ng has brought us to an old friend to have a small party. We got to meet this old man by the name of Kanzi (Chinho has more information about this, he has his namecard). Li Kai is from Jiang Xi, China if I have not mistaken (poor memories in winter, hahaha). He is very nice to us and also Gabor, our supervisor for ITP, brought us to a nice small restaurant in Tsuruoka to taste some nice ramen.

That night which Gabor brought us to the restaurant, it was snowing, but hey, when you are hungry, you won't care about the coldness, hahaha. So we walked with Gabor and Li Kai to the restaurant and have our dinner.

I think that's all for these 2 weeks. More updates will be done if I have the time.

Here's one juice which is very interesting:

An orange mikan(mandarin orange) juice. If anyone can find me a blue mikan, please tell me. Hahaha.



    By Blogger Iwakami, at 1:59 PM  

  • img_0560.jpg =)

    By Blogger Iwakami, at 2:01 PM  

  • It's just signboards, LOL!

    By Blogger Toshi-kun, at 2:05 PM  

  • Nothing lah! Far from being pretty!!

    By Blogger Lonesome traveller, at 7:38 PM  

  • but dats the best pic posted here so far

    By Blogger Iwakami, at 9:08 PM  

  • Nice pictures of food.. seen any plastic sushi and udon in restaurants yet? Channelnewsasia showed a short feature on plastic Jap food (think it was Japan Hour) and they look super real...

    By Blogger roksteady, at 11:37 AM  

  • yeah, we saw them... it was at haneda airport... they have this small restaurant which have realistic plastic food on display. i tink the show channelnewsasia showed was juz days b4 we flew off...

    By Blogger Nurazhar, at 1:58 AM  

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