89 days in Tsuruoka

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Cold Crazy Cyclists In Town

Oh yeah. We have been cycling. And it was crazy, cycling on the roads, pavements... And who else crazy enough to lead such a pack other than Takatoshi-san himself, a.k.a. London-trained, Yaomin. Talking about London-trained... Iwakami-san! Where is the ping pong match between me and Ronnie??? Lolz...

We got our pay on Monday... The Monday blues just disappeared when 50,000 yen ($800) went into our pockets. Not much, but enough. Iwakami-san wanted to celebrate, but we were not up to it. Then today, he had a chance to celebrate with Gabor, and he took it. End up doing some hard work (Lolz!) and came back super tired. In fact, today was the first time he requested to go back at 10PM.

And yes, I agree Takatoshi-san is some cook, and if I were half as good as he is, I'll go get married and be a house-husband immediately! Below are some pics of my lunches and the big feast we had on Monday night.

Top => The big feast consisting of Japanese rice, fried chicken, scrambled eggs, salad, microwaved potato slices and of course, SALMON!
Left => One of my lunches last week, rice with boiled chicken and mixed vegs, and chicken soup.
Right => My lunch just now, prawn noodles.

The 3 of us have had our individual breakthroughs. Oh, even Gabor has his breakthrough, except that it wasn't in the field of Bioinformatics. He managed to beat me in ping pong after playing with me 3 matches on Monday. I won the first 2 matches, 2 sets to 1, but somehow, I lost the last match 1 set to 2. He was so estatic, you should have seen his face. Oh well, I hand it to you, Gabor, but next time, I won't be so forgiving. Lolz.

Now armed with our Library stickers on our security cards, we can go to the Library anytime. Me and Takatoshi-san will be going there to borrow books, but Iwakami-san will be going there to do his "research". In fact, the first time we went there on Monday, he was already so engrossed in it, he didn't hear me calling out to him that he needed to tap in! Unfortunately, he forgot his card that day, so he missed out on the first day of fun. Don't worry, there will be other days. Ha ha...

Guess I better sleep now. Gotta prepare myself to start another journey for another breakthrough.

And another. And another. And another...


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