89 days in Tsuruoka

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The two daughters of Endou san

About two weeks ago on Tuesday Chninho was even more uncontrollable and diffuse than usual. He spent the whole afternoon shopping and seemed like totally ignorant about the fact the he skipped a whole day without work. About 4 pm he turned to me and said:
- I want to celebrate today!
- Why, Chinho?
- Yesterday was my payday I want to celebrate!
- Ok Chniho, we dont usually celebrate on weekdays, but if you are willing to work hard, we may eat and drink a few beers.
- Ok, I will work hard. - and he pointed to the screen
- No, I mean real work, physical work and you have to work hard!
Chinho thought a little bit thend nodded. Of course he would have done anything to get away from work!
So we went to Endou san(53), who is a local guy running a beauty saloon with his wife. He has a chamber called "ion house", which has an about 3 meter diameter hole filled with sawdust. The sawdust is mixed with rice powder and enzyme, so the enzyme generates heat from the rice.The people lie in the hot and wet sawdust and sweat a lot and lose weight and get healthier. It is like a sauna. The sawdust has to be digged up and the enzyme and rice powder replenished every week. I help the guy with the digging, which is good for my health and then we eat and drink a lot which is fun. So I decided to bring Chinho there to help us and then eat and drink with us.
Not that he was much of a help. He was about that effective digging the sawdust with the shovel as one would be with a chopstick. But Endou san is a nice guy and likes foreigners so Chinho got the same food and drinks afterwards.Endou san hardly speaks English but his English is still surpassing Chinho's japanese. There was a funny conversation between them:
Endou san: Chinho, chinho, what country?
Chinho: Malaysia.
E: You Malay?
C: No I am chinese.
E: Your mother and father chinese?
C: Yes
E: Brother? ( he wanted to ask "do you have a brother?")
C: He is chinese too.
One week ago Chinho and Yaomin were replacing me in the dig job, because I had to go to Tokyo. The job took them 3 about 2 and half hours whereas me and Endou san can do it in 1.5 hours normally.
Endou san has 3 daughters. But one of his daughters has already married and lives far away. So there are only 2 daughters in his house.
If there is nobody to help Endou san, his daughters help him. Yesterday I saw Rui working and talked with Endou san about the kids performance. According to Endou san, Mai (13)

is stronger than either Chinho or Yaomin
and Rui(22)

is stronger than Chinho and Yaomin together.
(To prevent any ill-informed speculation, Rui has a serious boyfriend, sorry Chinho)


  • He was about that effective digging the sawdust with the shovel as one would be with a chopstick Wahaha... u are really funny, chinho ^o^ ...
    Gabor, u really have wit!!

    By Blogger Lonesome traveller, at 9:04 PM  

  • omg yr shout-box is down!! btw, Mai-san looks kawaii desu

    By Blogger Ecarg, at 1:05 PM  

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