89 days in Tsuruoka

Friday, February 18, 2005

I would rather say "Flee in panic"

Well, it was like the first battles of the American Independence War. The rebels always fled when they saw the british troops lining up against them without a shot being fired. It was like how Chinho handled today's window of opportunity.
The battlefield was the bycicle lot at the bottom of the school. Two local schoolgirls were waiting 4 meters from us while we were trying to find the bycicle belonging to one of our keys. The girls were quite pretty, around 15-16 and quite excited when they saw the horde of "gaijins" near them. They were giggling loudly all the time and whispering among each other. Chinho arrived last and immediatelly asked why are the "onnanoko" there. I suggested him to interview them with the phrases he learned from me today ( "Koibitou ha imasenka?" = "Do you have a boyfriend?" ) or any other useful phrases, but he instead said: I go and check out the other bycicle lot for the bycicle. Well, what a coward route! There were four other boys who could have done this instead of him, but he volunteered, when nobody asked him!
Then he returned, but the girls were still there. We were about to move and the girls were waving at us. I told Chinho they are waving at us and he is supposed to do something. So Chinho turned towards them, said "Konnichiwa" in a nervous tone then turned away and shot away as if he was riding the stolen bycicle, not Yaomin.
When we returned from dinner, the girls were gone. Chinho could only find a supermarket bag at their place and he held the bag for long with him.
Well, what an opportunity missed! You have to know most of Tsuruoka girls are like zombies. They are afraid of foreigners, walk with bowed head watching nowhere and try to avoid any way of contact.
But dont worry Chinho, the americans gathered their courage and finally won the Independence War. It took them only 7 years. :-)

PS: Invitation for dinner="Gohan isho ni tabemasen ka?"


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