89 days in Tsuruoka

Monday, February 28, 2005

Mistakes after mistakes... chinho chinho...

Early in the morning, it was sunny and there was a smooth breeze. What could be worst than today's wonderful morning? The answer is... CHINHO! (Not his mistakes). However, before I go into the main topic, let's side-track a bit and go into the weather in the afternoon for today. It was a blizzard outside and I came back from the supermarket and was caught in it. Got back with a wet jeans and also partly covered with melted snow.

I went into the lab and settled the stuffs I have bought and then I have decided to send an email message to the friend that we met yesterday at the Charity Event in Kokusaimura. Chinho wasn't really wanting to send the email, so I did it.

After sending and waited for 1 min and my Outlook Express sounded "You Got Mail". I was wondering "That was a fast reply!" I saw the message below:



The user(s) account is disabled.

<*******@ezweb.ne.jp>: user unknown

It writes clearly down there, "USER UNKNOWN". Is it a wrong email address that Chinho got? NO! He thought it was an underscore for the email address which turn out to be a dash. E.g. yao-min@ezweb.ne.jp, but he thought it was yao_min@ezweb.ne.jp
It was lucky that Gabor has the address and finally the messsage was sent out.

After about 3 hrs later, the email reply came and to my horror, the name was spelt wrongly! I have double-check with what Chinho had send to all of us the email address and name, but it still don't tally with what is written on the paper. Chinho really need to rewrite his string module integrated into his brain. He mistook - with _ and his indexing of characters are totally screwed up! If you use his string module, you might get his email address to be jas-lim@hotmail.com and his name spelt as "Cnihho". Chinho Chinho... How many mistakes could you make a day? Giving me the wrong email address and wrong name!!! Man! Would it get even worst for the next 40 days? I think I should end this entry in this manner:

...to be continued


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