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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Shit Hanami

This year hanami was a joke. it came too late and it was windy rainy and cold all the time.
Finally the poor cherry blossoms opened full this Sunday but I think they deeply regretted it as the temperature was 7C with a cold wind that made it feel like 3C (according to weather.yahoo.com).

Here are some pictures about the heroic cherry trees:

As you can see some of them already started losing the flowers. I dont know this part of biology, but in my country fruit tree flowers are usually germinated with the help of bees. Of course they can use the wind to carry the pollen, too, but it is not that effective so there wont be much cherry this year I guess.

There was a hanami party of Keio University students on that cold, windy Sunday (what a joke, there was no Sun at all). The party commenced at 1 o clock, survived a few showers then dispersed after 2 hours struggling with the elements.

C2H5OH was not very popular in this cold-endurance test.

The cold rain started falling so people made a shelter of the plastic sheet brought to sit on.

So that's all I can say about this shit Hanami.

Btw Chinho's previous post is starting to make this blog look like a gay website, so let me add my naked picture, too.

I dont know if I told you this story before. Once upon a time I was wandering in the suburbs of London after a light party at a weekday around 12 pm. I was waiting for the night bus in the bus stop with an average, normal looking young bloke, who looked like 22 to me. The night bus came and stormed past us without stopping. I was outrageous and started talking to the guy. It soon turned out that the bus was not scheduled in that bus stop but the one about 1 km down the road. I offered the guy to hire a taxi together, because he was going to a location near my home. But he refused, saying he had no money. So we started walking down and to ease the boredness I started asking questions to guy, who was answering all my questions readily:
- What do you do?
- I study at the City University.
- What do you study?
- Art therapy.
- What is it?
- Mentally sick people draw pictures and they get cured through their creativity ( or stg like this I dont clearly remember )
- How old are you?
- 27.
- Oh, what a surprise, you are older than me, though I thought you were just 22. So you are finishing school soon?
- Oh no actually I just started it this year.
- And what did you do before school?
- Well I worked as a shop window designer - ehh, actually I just finished with an alcohol therapy a year ago.
- Oh, so you liked drinking. How much did you drink a day?
- About half a liter , liter.
- What, wine?
- No, vodka.
- Vow, you are cool. But I think you are much better of to have drunk alcohol than using narcotics.
- Well, I have tried everything, cocain, heroin, marijuana, but vodka turned out to be the best.
- And may I ask you why you were drinking so heavily? You must have had a reason for it.
- Well, I had a relationship that badly ended, so I started drinking.
- Oh, come on man, no woman on earth deserves to be regretted that much.
- Well, actually, it was a guy.

Well, today's quiz:
What is the origin of the 7-day week? Why is it so widespread?


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