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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Our Last Crazy Night Out

On Monday evening, we had a party. It was a last party for the three of us who will be leaving for Tokyo. Below are some pictures.

There were quite a number of us there. Me, Yaomin, Chin Ho, Gabor, Sugi, Hinako, Marie, Ma-shi, and Eriko. I cooked spicy stir-fried chicken as a dish, and Hinako really loved it. So too did Gabor. It was noted by a certain someone that Hinako is a fan of spicy food. (Lolz.)

After the party, we went for Karaoke. Impromptu decision. But everyone wanted to go anyway. I have several videos on this which is a MUST WATCH for my FYP group members (Daniel, Novia, Tracy). You guys have got to see Sugi singing and dancing!

Gabor and Chin Ho doing the Sakura sign. It was Sakura-craze after Hinako and Eriko sang the song.

I thought it was over after the Karaoke, but no! It was not! Ma-shi was hungry, so everyone decided to have a quick meal at Yoshinoya. Sugi decided not to tag along. Over there, I only can eat a salad which costs 90 yen.

They had more plans after that. We went up the mountains (there was still snow there) and guess what I saw when I exited the car upon reaching our destination? A beautiful layout of stars in the sky! I have never seen such a wonderful thing in my life (except maybe in the movies). It was a beautiful sight. There were countless of stars all over the sky, and some were overly excited when they saw shooting stars. I don;t really believe in wishing upon a falling star, but I saw one, so I made a wish anyway. After some time star-gazing, we went down and waited for a sunrise which never came. Lolz.

We had to track back to Center Building because Gabor was really tired, and he was sleeping in the car. So after dropping him off, Marie asked us where we wanted to go because it will be the last time going out with them, and since Hinako is not working until 3PM (it was 6AM that time), they had time to kill. So they brought us to the beach. I took some really *cough* ARTISTIC pictures there. Lolz.

So Near, Yet So Far. =x

Can u read what it says? ;-) Drawn by Marie.

After the beach, we stopped by a local hot spring to dip our feet in. It was really hot, and Chin Ho challenged Ma-shi to see who can leave their feet in the hot spring for the longest time possible.

Left pic: The 4 "Apeks". *(Apek means old man in Malay)

Red Hot Legs.

After that crazy 12-hours outing, the three of us started packing our things. As I packed my things in the lab, I can already list out a few things I will miss in this place.

THE Couch. Usually occupied by Chin Ho or me when we became too tired to go back to our hostel.

THE Blackboard. Officially used to brief us on our tasks. After office hours though, it is the main place to draw and draw.

THE Kitchen. Everyone in the lab uses this place. Toaster for bread, microwave to heat up, hot flask for coffee. A necessity to start our mornings.

THE Workplace. What is work without your own desk? With our laptops for entertainment, Linux machines for work, and a small place where the food are located, it is a one stop location where you can never budge from if you are as hardworking as us.

THE Store. Need a quick drop of a can or bottle? This vending machine dispenses both hot and cold, cans and bottles, soft drinks and coffees and teas. You'll never need to shop out for a small thirst quencher. To top it off, a sink is located near it for ur washing necessities.

THE Toilet Bowl. I LOVE this place. My favourite thinking ground for breakthrough ideas. Armed with automatic flipping of seat covers, you no longer have to soil your hand to open that stinking thing to put your butt in. Juz make sure to keep moving yourself every 5 mins or so in the night, otherwise the sensor will automatically switch off the lights.

THE Library. The one place Chin Ho and Gabor sometimes went to bait some new "fishes". It was later abandoned when the exams period was over and no new "fishes" were seen swimming in.

THE Slippers. Wear 'em when you are internally travelling in the building. For your info, the blue fluffy one belongs to Sugimoto-san.

THE Ping Pong Room. Once a place of leisure, it was always occupied by us playing Ping Pong (or some other weird sport we made up) to distance ourselves from the stress of work.

THE Gym. Gabor frequented this place before playing Ping Pong. Helps him warm up.

THE View. No way can you get this kind of view in Singapore. Never.

All of us have more or less finished up packing. We will be boarding the bus at 12:20PM to Shonai Airport, before taking off at 1:30PM for Tokyo. It is not known if we can get internet access there, so for the time being, just hang in there for more news of our adventures in Tokyo when we touch down in Singapore. Until then, Sayonara.


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