89 days in Tsuruoka

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mata itsuka

Today both of us got wiser. I mean both me and Chinho. But before I disclose the details let's take a look at developing story from the beginning.

Saturday night: Gotten drunk at Likai's offical farewell party Chinho writes a mail to Ayako: he wants her to watch movie together.

Sunday afternoon Ayako hasn't yet replied! Chinho is literally down. We are playing ping pong to reduce the tension in Chinho, he plays sitting on the ground. Can't stand up, he says, something went wrong. We analyze japanese society, I present my theory according to which many japanese guys are mistreating their girlfriends and that chases them into developing such strange and antisocial behavioral patterns (not replying to a kind email - I had such experience many times before)

Sunday night Ayako call Chinho on Likai's phone!!! She invites all of us for a karaoke party! Chinho is in heaven. Cannot talk, cannot think just sits in silence and stares at the screen.

Monday afternoon We are moving out the tremendous amount of garbage from Likai's house as he is leaving on Tuesday. (I hope somebody puts up an entry about this.) Tonight is gonna be Likai's last party in Japan.

Monday night: Karaoke party

We buy some booze at the shop because this karaoke bar allows us to bring food and drinks with us.

Heey, my girl, my girl!!

Chinchin, Ayako and Hinako. Actually I felt a little bit tense sitting next to Hinako, because I havent taken a shower for 3 days.;-) So didn't dare to take off my jacket until I got really drunk.:-)

Backstreet boys

Dancing queen

Born to be wild

The chinese duo singing Wo ai Beijing Tienanmen or something like this, can't understand Chinese...

everybody goes crazy dancing, singing.

We are permanently bullying Chinho into making a confession to Ayako, but he only tells about his feeling to Hinako, who offers her help. Chinho seconds Hinako in a japanese song, but he cannot read the text fast enough, so he just repeats: nani, nani, nani, nani, nani, doko, doko, doko, doko, chinchin, chinchin, chinchin, chinchin, asoko, soko, soko, soko.
Shortly after midnight the party concludes.

Tuesday 1 am
After the party we went for nijikai ( second drinking ), meaning we bought some more booze in the convenience store and drank it in the Center building. Now Chinho had a chance to make his move on Ayako, because everyone else fell asleep including me, so this part of history remains forever the secret of Ayako and Chinho.

Chinho with a buta face waiting for Ayako before nijikai.

Tuesday 2 pm After waking up with a terrible hangover I find Chinho doing hard work ( Sleeping at his desk ). It soon turns out that Chinho made a half hearted confession to Ayako the night before. He couldnt actually tell her face to face, so he sent an email, which Ayako only checked after she left. And Ayako has replied!!!
Here is the transcript of the change of mails:
Chinho: Aishitteru =)
Ayako: removed becoz of fuggin freewill

Which I translated as
Chinho: I love you =)
Ayako: removed becoz of fuggin freewill

So we started persuading Chinho to write her an email to try to meet earlier or visit her at the shop where she works. But Chinho said his sixth sense told him, that something was wrong and didn't believe in my translation and remained passive.

Tuesday 5:30 pm
So we went to Endo san's house to do the usual dig job. Chinho copied Ayako's message on a paper and showed it to Endo san, who burst into laugh as soon as he read it. According to Endo san, the mail literally meant:
Really!!! Thank you! It would be good to meet you again some time!!!

So this was a polite turning down message, she actually likes him, but not fallen in love (yet)!

SHIT!!!! Itsuka has two meanings!!! I didn't know!!! Fifth day of the month and some time.
Ohhh, what a poor japanese translator I am ! :-)))


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