89 days in Tsuruoka

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ive decided to write something

It has been awhile since someone wrote here. Not wanting this dear blog go deprecated, I had decided to write something; like what was going on lately.

Basically, it was like money spending recently... not much I would say, but a little more than usual. Where was the money spent on?
Hmm .... alot of stuffs, stuffs I personally think worth it' like we eat out more often at Kurumaya ramen shop(for the sake that we're leaving soon. I will definetely miss the kirei obasan), picked up basketball in japan and with it we had to play indoor which requires some 210yen for 2hrs loan(but thats not the point, its the fun .. though I had cramps as usual) and we had parties too absolutely fabulous gathering which makes us new friends, is definetely what everyone didn't want to miss(It was drink, eat, talk, fun! Hmm... yeay` lost in translation for the couple of us yea and I will never be active enough in the beginning of every party, its when alcohol catalyses my brain .. somehow I had more stuffs to say and could recall more japanese words! sometimes I could understand the japanese conversation, but just couldn't create a reply, and then I will start to blabber my version of mized japanese and english, when I hope e opposite could get me =)).

Okay, now what .. Basketball came to my mind now yes. All great thanks to Likai, I was able to play basketball in japan; he intro-ed us the indoor stadium -i forgot the name and then translated all the plays we had. Really a great guy` He's leaving Tsuruoka soon though, at end this March` Kinda sad yes .. but 'meet' and 'part' is life, just glad paths were crossed and friends made. Also on a side note, the guy who taught me how to play ping pong here, is Likai too!
Okay, anyway .. back to basketball' Im actually quite content about it recently ...why? Because I bought a new ball!!! Its molten's new ball GL7 Giugardo series I think .... sounds cool, but I dunno what it means. Something to boast about! >) Made out of true leather, new grip technology and molten's self proclaimed special rubber. Whoa! are you impressed? And hopefully, if the guy was not fuggin lying .. this Giugardo GL7 would be used for the World cup Basketball. Now, are you impressed!? I am! but then most important point is I got this fabulous basketball 'cheap', because Molten originated from Japan and the ball was made in japan ... so screw all the import fees and profit making, I bought the ball at OP(Original Price).
Well, Im just contented with the superior ball... my skill still suck'

Check out the ball at http://www.molten-gl7.com/english
If you want to see 'my' ball, maybe you could check out my msn display pic` I could set it soon.

C'ya peace


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