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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Okay, this was supposed to be something of a blog about my sis. But then, I hasn't get the pictures ready yet, and realised someone must blog soon. So here goes!

My Trip to HolaVila Island Sentosa just 1 day after I land in Singapore.

As some of you already knew, Sentosa is one of the main tourist attraction in Singapore, popular with its beautiful white-sand beach.
Sentosa was once a peaceful fishing village, however the peace did not last. In some year I dunno, the village was purged and a British military fortress was founded on it. Afterwhich yadayada... turned into a tourist attraction. Ok, this history part is not part of the blog, but I just want to show Gabor I know some history!

Early in the morning, me and my friends(4 together) was to meet each other at a train station. I arrived first and waited there, standing. Half-way waiting, a lost-in-direction tourist came to me, she asked me for the best way to reach Sentosa. Her name was "Doas" (I hope I spelt it correct.. but its pronounced like Door-arse), from Switzerland. I wasn't sure about the direction as well, because its been so many years since I last visited Sentosa so I asked her to wait with me, for my friends so she could tell them her plans and ask.

L to R:Weiliang, Clemen, Doas, Shah and I am holding the camera

After the help we offer, we splited with Doas. She went for Sentosa and we decided to go for Breakfast first. We ate, talk the talk and went for the beach. Anyway, the main objective for this trip to Sentosa was for Shah; it seems that he has a body-building competition neared and needed some copper-tanned skin for it.

We took the trip and finally drop off at final destination, Siloso Beach(Western part of Sentosa).
Skies was gloomy and sun is hiding. Shah is troubled and unhappy for the fact he couldn't get the tanned. However, we(Clemen, Weiliang, Me) continued our activity to play some ball. We predicted sun may come out later, so all everyone has to do now is wait. Shah dropped in and play some ball for sometime too.

THEN, sun came out! Sentosa is beautiful!!!

It became so hot afterwhich, and everyone is baked up ... Shah is enjoying it though, but of course he still felt the heat.

Clemen(with the ball) was in a shelter, whereas Shah of coz is out of it

Show-Off Time!

And then, when we were about to leave(in the restroom changing), rained!


we got back though afterwhich. So no big deal .. it was tiring; sweat, big sun, rain, run, travel home'


Oh yea` sometimes I get question like "How was it in Japan. Were there any ghost?" or "Any scary stuffs happened?".
Check this out ... taken in a park, at around 2am. Over-exposure of lights? Willies? 3rd Form? You decide


  • In some year I dunno, That would be the point! the village was purged and a British military fortress was founded on it. Afterwhich yadayada... When? Did it take part in the WW2 fights? turned into a tourist attraction.

    By Blogger Gabor, at 3:20 PM  

  • yea` it did took part in WW2, for british against the japanese

    By Blogger Iwakami, at 1:45 AM  

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