89 days in Tsuruoka

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Snow ..

Its more snow today than yesterday, its bloody heavy and Ronnie(Our i/c) said it was just the beginning` Whatever.
This is the first time I see snow in my life so Im quite excited; to describe snow; its cold(Ice), its v white(Can turn dirty oso, drk grey), feels like minced ice ... and can be very painful when wind blows it hard on your face.

E next vid Im trying to show you guys the snow and the surfaced-frozen pond. For those who missed Gabor, you can check out a glimpse of him too.

As e troublesome usual ...
(1) Access ftp://lehiep.netfirms.com
(2) You will fail accessing .. now right click select 'Login as..'
(3) User Id: lehiep Password: tiamoltd
(4) First vid is 'snow1.MPG' in /TempCheck/ folder

Experience problem? Refer to the troubleshootin tips on the post below ... hah

and Yaomin just lost all he had wrote for e blog a second ago because of a fag pop out. Lol, he's pretty fed up now. Maybe he will write another 1 now .. a more lousy one, we will see. LOL


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