89 days in Tsuruoka

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

This is freakin first post FIRST DAY

What can I say? IAM IN JAPAN!!!!! chillin off ...

I will post videos and pictures soon` Yaomin and Azhar got their piece to post also. :)


  • It is the first time that I have set foot in Japan. So far, I am still pretty impressed and attracted by the culture, the people and of course Japan itself.

    Fortunately, most of the staff in the Narita and Haneda Airport do speak a "Eigo"(English) and some of my Japanese came in very handy. We had little trouble finding our way, make all the necessary transfers.

    In general, the Japanese are very friendly and considerate people.

    The weather in Narita and Haneda Airport is cold and chill. But there does not dampen our spirit and enthusiaism. The students as usual are very busy making visual fixation on the Japanese ladies. Each trying to calibrate and correcting "zero errors" on the measurement of the Japanese beauties.

    Somehow, I found that much of Japanese beauties do not just lies in visual appreciation of the feminine species. The cultural, behaviour of the people still carves antonishing wonders.

    I believed that we are pretty fortunate to see snow precipation when we landed in Shonai. Managed to catch with all the sleep that I have been missing over the past few week while in the plane.

    We managed to meet up with Akiko-san, who for the past few week been the most helpful person in this trip. She had arranged all the neccessary stuff in the most efficient manner.

    First impression is that she is a ladies who seems to be very patience. When I spoke to her later, I asked her on her English learning experience. I get to know that she had always been to America and managed to get a good grasp of the language.

    Akiko-san brought to Mr.Gabor who was an hungarian researcher in Institute of Advance Bioscience(IAB). He is currently in his second of her MSc Bioinformatics.He has been very kind to bring us around the camp.

    I must say I do like the working environment. I believes that it will be a good learning experience for the students during their stay here.

    There is much to say but I will stop here for the day. will input more later.

    By Blogger Ronnie Peh, at 8:38 PM  

  • Hi all! I'm the first person who is not in Japan to post comment here, haha...

    I want to share some "experiences" to you guys ;)... First of all, u will find Jap girls are not so pretty :) but most of them are cute and nice. This may due to their culture where men dominate and women just follow and obey... So dun think a girl like u when she speak to u so sweet, haha ( S'pore's girls must learn from them, erhhem! ).

    OOPPPP! I just download the video and watch, it's too short man! But the lady passed by is really good-looking wahhaaahaa...

    Tokio-ers ( my own definition for ppl in Tokio haha ) are friendly but ppl from other parts of Japan like Osaka, Fukuyama ( those cities i visited )... are even more friendly! Hmm, it's understandable since ppl in capital are more cunning where there are more competitions. But towards foreigners, Tokio-ers or others always very kind

    Japanese food there are tastier than those in Singapore! I miss the soba there, hehe... U must try the beef steamboat, it's super nice!
    Along some streets in Tokyo u can find street bars, nice placea to hide from the chilling wind, have supper and some sake to warm up your body... unluckily, i haven't tried it :( ( but u r not in Tokio so u may not be able to try it too, haha ;)

    Ok, enought liao! Try your best there and good luck!

    P/S: cheCk, remember your duty! Haha ;)

    By Blogger Lonesome traveller, at 10:11 PM  

  • The one who post 2nd comment is me, Hiep! ( i remember i did not give the real name there so you may be confused haha :)

    By Blogger Lonesome traveller, at 10:19 PM  

  • chinho, or known as Rimu Iwakami now: im green with envy!!

    By Blogger YuNz-, at 11:19 PM  

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