89 days in Tsuruoka

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This is SO COOL! Well, it is good having Toshi-kun and Hikaru-kun, the 2 of you back.. But then again, you guys never left in the first place. =>

Btw, I have told yall that Gabor is coming Singapore coming August, more details:

Bereczki Gabor: it is confirmed
Bereczki Gabor: I am going to Sp!
Bereczki Gabor: arrive at the night of the 3rd of Aug
Bereczki Gabor: leave in the morning of 6th August
Bereczki Gabor: lets have fun together!
Chin Ho: yea!

CHEERS! and then, Gabor was gonna ask Satya if he wants to come too....
On another day, I asked:

Chin Ho: is Satya coming?
Bereczki Gabor: no
Bereczki Gabor: I go alone
Bereczki Gabor: Satya may go on a different occasion
Chin Ho: ive told azhar and yaomin ure coming in august
Bereczki Gabor: good
Bereczki Gabor: how about accomodationM
Bereczki Gabor: can you help me?
Chin Ho: different occasion? u mean another day?
Bereczki Gabor: well, if he is to visit home sometime
Bereczki Gabor: but I dont know his schedule
Chin Ho: i havne't brought up the accomodation to my sis yet
Bereczki Gabor: anybody else you can think of?
Chin Ho: but, if ure in malaysia, u can stay at my house
Bereczki Gabor: spore is close from your home, right?
Bereczki Gabor: but then we cant oparty
Chin Ho: maybe yaomin's house?
Chin Ho: azhar house i think lil chance
Bereczki Gabor: heheh
Chin Ho: party means celebrate in the house?
Bereczki Gabor: going out
Bereczki Gabor: coming back drunk

Its already sounding like a party x> waku waku suru yo ne! Anyway, don't fret, I already got accomodation covered.

You guys must make yourself available okay? I will try to call the fyp mates too, from my group last year. And Gabor was discussing he wanted to visit Singapore 2 days, Malaysia 1 day. I haven't got any idea where to bring him in Malaysia yet... though I lived there since young, Id think its a boring place, not anywhere interesting that I knew of` Hmm...

Well, we'll see..

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Let's get together some day and go back to Japan together. I think Chinho's Japanese will have improved a lot. For me, I have not been touching Japanese for about half a year, might try to pick it up when I am posted to a vessel. Or maybe there is a vocation where I need to use Japanese to communicate to other ships out in the sea. Hahaha...